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Nanomedicine revolutionizes surgical implants

At the Micro-Nano Technology Centre in United Kingdom, a process that could revolutionize the field of surgical implants was developed, together with scientists from Electrospinning Company and Anglia Ruskin University. The whole project was rewarded yesterday by receiving a Medical Futures Innovation Award.

The technique is very unique. It spins thin fibres using nanotechnology standards to create bespoke materials. The leader of the research crew, Dr Robert Stevens, welcomed the reward and said that this is the wind in their back and a sign that they’re on the right path.

“This reward will make us work hard on the testings and the actual commercialisation of the process,” said Mensel Williams of Electrospinning Company. He also added that this technique could significantly decrease the costs needed for old-implants replacement, which costs around $20 million per year.

Source: ukinvest.gov.uk/OurWorld/4040563/en-GB.html

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