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Nanotech and Cancer

Nanotechnology deals with manipulating the structure as well as properties of matter at the atomic and molecular level. As the result of this maneuvering, the properties of matter change dramatically. While some insoluble elements develop high solubility capacity, inert substances start exhibiting catalyst properties. Owning to their size and properties, nanomaterials are extensively used for the treatment of a number of diseases. Cancer is such a disease where nanotechnology can play a significant role.

Nanoparticles and nanorobots
Cancer is a condition where changes occur in a small percentage of cells and they start replicating interminably. Problems come to the fore only when the condition becomes unmanageable. The size of nanoparticles and nanorobots is exceedingly small, and because of this property, they can easily enter into the blood vessels, organs, tissues and even the cells of the body. Additionally, they can also find out those cells that are growing abnormally. Thus, they can play a decisive role in the detection of cancer at a very early stage.

Accurate drug delivery
Once the cancer has been detected, it becomes essential to treat it as quickly as possible. Most of the cancer treatment methods cause widespread damage because while eliminating the cancerous cells they also start acting upon the normal cells. Drug delivery systems that use nanoparticles can effectively treat cancer without damaging the surrounding cells and tissues. These nanoparticles are smaller than the body cells, and can easily carry the drug to that part of the body where the cancerous cells are located.

Biopharmaceuticals and cancer
Biopharmaceuticals are basically proteins molecules that trigger multiple reactions in the human body. They are widely used in the treatment of cancer. The effectiveness of these pharmaceuticals will increase several times if they are coupled with nanoparticles. The nanoparticles will carry the biopharmaceuticals directly to the tumor site without adversely affecting the cells and tissues that come in the way. In this manner, cancer would be cured and healthy cells will remain as such.

Cell repair machine and cancer treatment
Cancer primarily occurs due to mutation; the genetic information stored in the DNA is changed. As the result the affected cells divide continuously and cause the formation of tumors. The cell repair machine that is as small as a nanoparticle can easily penetrate into the cancerous cell and repair the damaged DNA. As the technique is completely non-invasive, therefore the normal cells remain unharmed.

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