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Is nanomedicine safe

American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) on 17/04/07 presented a research that suggests nanoparticles could cause cancer and should be used with extreme caution. The research was conducted at the University of Massachusetts and was treating two types of nanoparticles – silica and C60 fullerene in breast-cancer cells and found an increase of DNA damage. Of course, DNA breakages aren’t a substance in cancer-causing, but it is widely known that chemicals causing DNA breakage are likely to promote mutations that lead to cancer.

In the past year, several individuals from Germany were hospitalized with respiratory problems after using a household cleaner that contained nanoparticles. Afterwards, a report showed that the device did not contain any nanoparticles. Since the cause of their problems was not determined, it triggered a public concern over the safety of nanotechnology based products.

There is also another thing – bioethics. Nanotechnology is still in question and still needs to be researched before we apply it’s products on human body.